Acorn Tenant Charter supported by the Plaid/Green Alliance and Lib Dems

A TENANTS union has won support for its tenants’ charter from candidates hoping to lead Wales’ capital.

Cardiff’s Tenants’ Charter, developed by the community and tenants’ union Acorn, aims to protect those who rent in the city from discrimination and to make renting more affordable.

He was backed by Liberal Democrat leaders in Cardiff and the joint Plaid Cymru-Green Party ticket, the Common Ground Alliance.

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and a Communist Party candidate also gave their support to the charter ahead of Cardiff County Council elections on May 5.

Dan Edwards, Chairman of Acorn Cardiff, said: “This invaluable support is a credit to our members’ campaign. We are happy to have the support of candidates from Common Ground, the Lib Dems, TUSC and the Communist Party who have shown us that they understand the terrible discrimination faced by tenants in Cardiff.

“We call on other parties, in particular Labor and the Conservatives, to reflect on the level of support we have already built for our demands, and to lend their support to action for tenants at the next iteration of the council of Cardiff.”


The charter has three requirements which are, advance rent is limited to no more than one month, the practice of landlords or agents requiring tenants to provide guarantors is abolished and the extension of a municipal surety bond system.

The Cardiff Bond Board offers a surety bond scheme for low income people who cannot afford to pay a deposit and is supported by Cardiff Council.

However, there is no obligation for the owners to accept it and Acorn wants the council to insist that they do so.

He wants the council to use both its regulatory powers and its leadership role to make its goals a reality for all who rent privately in Cardiff.

Cardiff Lib Dem leader Rhys Taylor and the party’s Housing spokesman Joseph Carter endorsed the demands.

Taylor said: “Everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home, but for too many people in Cardiff that just isn’t the case. We support the Acorn Charter as part of our commitment to improving access to housing, strengthening tenants’ rights and ending homelessness in Cardiff.


Common Ground candidate Frankie-Rose Taylor said: “As a tenant myself, I know what a rough deal we are getting in Cardiff at the moment. From advance rent requests that most cannot afford, to guarantors that many cannot provide, things have to change.

“That’s why it’s a pleasure to support Acorn’s brilliant charter, along with my other Common Ground nominees.”

Labor defends a majority in Cardiff Council while the Conservatives are the largest opposition group.

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