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Pat Finken

President, Brighter Future Alliance


Bob Paulson’s recent defense of Rep. Jeff Hoverson was less than honest. Here is the truth.

Supposedly, Hoverson voted against the ND National Guard funding (HB1016) because it contained $10 million for a military museum. According to Paulson, Hoverson questioned “Is this a good use of taxpayer funds?” But the appropriations bill contained no state taxpayer funding for the museum. The bill only authorized the National Guard to build the museum if it raised funds from outside sources.

Hoverson reportedly voted against the National Guard appropriation because it cut funding for first responders. That was true for the first draft, but Hoverson also voted no for the second draft, even after the ND Senate added $5 million for its disaster fund.

Paulson claimed that Hoverson voted against funding Minot State University (SB2003) due to Planned Parenthood’s association with other ND institutions of higher learning. But the legislature also passed an amendment that prohibits our state colleges and universities from doing business with abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

The truth is, Rep. Hoverson voted against state funding of law enforcement, the National Guard, MSU, our public schools, and local infrastructure. And through it all, Hoverson never offered an alternative budget or suggested any amendments to these bills. All he did was repeatedly vote no without offering any solutions.

You don’t know who to believe? Find out for yourself. Go to to see what these bills do and how our representatives voted. Once you get the facts straight, I think you’ll agree it’s time for Rep. Jeff Hoverson to go.

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